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Supplementing dilemma

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It isn’t widely understood that after a baby’s suckles, the breasts are not “empty” as many people think they might be.  Breasts never completely empty after a feed.  Pumping for multiples after breastfeeding is very common with Moms of multiples and what is collected is saved, frozen and ready to use at another time.  There won’t be a huge supply, but you can collect anywhere from maybe 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce additional milk.  A bonus is that when pumping, your breasts are receiving the message that there is a greater demand and therefore the supply increases.  Some Moms feels the need, and their babies indicate the need, to supplement.  It is helpful to keep in mind that each time we supplement, we are by passing the message to our breasts of a greater demand, so it can feel necessary to continue supplementing due to ‘lack of supply.’  Supplementing can set up a vicious circle and cause Mom much anxiety as she may feel her babies are hungary and she really doesn’t have enough milk.  Breast feeding the babies as they need/demand will, over 2-4 days, increase the milk supply to satisfy them.

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