“I want to have twins……”.

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Fairly often a woman will ask how she can conceive twins.  It goes along the lines that her whole life she has wished to have twins and how can she achieve this state?  There are no guarantees, although there are some things that could put things in your favour:

1.  The closer twins (or more) are to you in your Family Tree, the more likely you are to have them;

2.  On the other hand, twins need to start somewhere on the Family Tree, so you could be the lucky one;

3.  If you have already had a couple of children, you could conceive multiples;

4. Dizygotic (fraternal) twins are hereditary down the mother’s line because the mother has ‘dropped’ more than one egg in her menstrual cycle;

5. Chances go up of a woman expecting twins (or more) after the age of 30 years, and even greater chances of conceiving multiples as a woman ages;

6.  Multiples do NOT necessarily skip a generation (that is an Old Wives’ Tale);

7.  If you have conceived multiples spontaneously once, your chances rise again by about 50% of conceiving them again (good piece of information to be aware of); and

8.  If you are using infertility assistance, you have a good chance of conceiving multiples.

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