Working with “Nipple Confusion”

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Some mothers of multiples will pump after breastfeeding their babies in order to build up their milk supply.  When the demand is there, the supply will follow.

If you are pumping and using a bottle to also feed breast milk, there is a chance that the babies will experience something known as ‘nipple confusion.’  Basically what happens is that it is easier for baby to get milk from a bottle than at the breast, so some babies will favour a bottle feed over being at the breast and some babies go back and forth quite readily.

If you are having trouble getting one or more of the babies to go back and forth from breast to bottle, keep using the No. 1, or preemie, bottle nipple when bottle feeding.  The bottle ‘beginner’* nipple has a smaller hole size and baby has to work harder to draw the milk.  It may help him or her go back and forth from breast to bottle with a less dramatic change in his or her ability to suck.

*Not all bottle companies use the same way of identifying a bottle nipple with a smaller hole.  Some use numbers, i.e. 1, 2 or 3, others use preemie, infant, toddler.

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