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Having Twins or Triplets….

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Even though there are no guarantees, there are several elements that need to be in place to become pregnant with twins or triplets. Here are some of the possible elements, in no particular order:
1) If you already have other children;
2) If you are over 30 years old;
3) Chances are even greater if you are over 35 years old;
4) The closer they are to you on your family tree;
5) If you used infertility assistance; and
6) They will start on your family tree somewhere and perhaps you will be the one who will get things started.
I could add here that if you have one spontaneous set of multiples, i.e. no infertility assistance, it is said that you can up your chances by 50% of having multiples again in a subsequent pregnancy. There is one family who had nine children, including four sets of twins.
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Can I mix bottles of breastmilk?

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Breastmilk can be mixed together from two different pumpings, as long as the milk is the same temperature.  So, if you have some bottled milk stored in the fridge and wish to add a new batch, wait until the new batch has been cooled in the fridge then mix the two batches together.  The new, warmer milk should not be mixed with the colder stored milk.

You will notice that breastmilk will separate into two layers.  The fatter part of the breastmilk has risen to the top the same as when we have whole cow’s milk and the cream rises to the top.  A quick shake before using mixes it all together again.


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If one or more baby is having what might be called a temper tantrum or seems scared, hungry or colicy, try to settle and comfort him or her before putting to the breast, in the bed or chair. A baby’s crying has a message and it is up to us to try and interpret the need. With all of the new things happening to and around new babies, there is a lot for them to integrate. Examples: breathing, noise/light increase, clothing, touching, no outwards limits to push against as there was in the womb, and so on. There is often more success in calming the baby by either skin-to-skin, rocking, shushing, gentle words in their ears (I am here, It is OK, I have you….) and when settled, then put baby to the breast to reenforce closeness and safety.
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Preserving Children

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1 grass-grown field
1/2 dozen children (or more)
Several dogs (and puppies, if in season)
One brook
Method: Into the field pour children and dogs, allowing to mix well. Poor brook over pebbles till slightly frothy. Gently add sticks. When children are nicely brown, cool in warm tub. When dry, serve with buttermilk, freshly baked bread and jam.
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