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The most important thing a Father [Partner] can do for his children is to love their Mother.      

      ~Theodore M. Hoseburgh

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Some Moms need surgery at a time when they are breastfeeding and it just can’t wait. Neither Mom nor babies are yet ready to stop breastfeeding, so what to do?

Have a frank and honest discussion with your anesthesiologist about what medications you can take and for how long which will not be transmitted to your milk and potentially affect your babies. Women are really only out of commission during the surgery and may have pain medications a day or so while recovering. If you need surgery and wish to keep breastfeeding, do your research, discuss with your doctor and find out what will work for you. Doctors are willing to work with you for a solution, so advocating on your own behalf can give you the results you need and want.


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Breastfeeding Rights and Expectations

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While interesting and some information is pertinent because breastfeeding is breastfeeding, they have no mention of breastfeeding twins, triplets and more and it is strictly American data. It would also be nice if there was something on supporting breastfeeding parents with their extended families. A lot of pain and emotion is involved when the family is not on board with the parents’ choice to breastfeed or extended breastfeeding of their babies and toddlers. Families don’t go away and having some hints and tips for handling family would be helpful.

On the other hand: check out my Site at and search “Grandparenting Hints and Tips” as well as “Unwanted Advice on Raising Multiples.” Some supportive and helpful ways to help keep the peace and respect parents’ wishes.

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