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Canadian Resource: Multiples’ Podcast

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Very exciting.  By a family with triplets.

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Hand Expressing Breast Milk

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There are a variety of reasons why you may want/need to hand express breastmilk:

-relieve engorgement/discomfort,                                                                                                      -may need to be away from the baby for a while and you can express your milk and save it for another time, or                                                                                                                          –to help increase your milk production.

If you are not familiar with how to hand express breast milk, following are a couple of excellent videos showing how it is done.

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SWADDLING: When/how do I cut back?

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It is common to swaddle babies, especially in light of the fact they respond very well to the tightness of swaddling, simulating the tightness felt in the womb.  Swaddling also ensures that baby is warm with less of a threat of them inadvertently covering their faces with a loose blanket while moving around.  A challenge is how to tell when baby/babies is ready to transition out of swaddling.  There are some clues which begin anywhere from 3 to 6 months old, depending upon the baby (factors can include gestational age at birth, current weight, maturity, developmental milestones, health status or more).  Note that EACH baby may not be ready to transition at the same time.

-baby is about ready to begin/try turning over, i.e. loosen the swaddle BEFORE they actually learn to turn over.  Having an arm(s) free allows baby to push him/herself back and raise its head should they turn over in the night;

-baby is looking for his/her hand while not swaddled to put in his/her mouth to self-soothe.  Having one or both arms free during the night allows for them to potentially soothe themselves and go back to sleep rather than a false alarm interpretation that they are hungry; or

-baby may begin to “fight” against swaddling.

Any or all of these may present even before there is a switch to using blankets and there are some swaddling outfits which make it easy to transition.  If you feel one of your babies is ready to begin to stop swaddling, you have the option, with Halo in particular, to take out one or both arms from the swaddle and yet they remain swaddled from the armpits down (to stay warm).  With Kyte or Grobag the arms are already free with the short-sleeved version.  You may want to try a couple of brands/styles to see which works best for your babies.

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle:

Kyte Baby:

Grobag Baby Sleep Bag:

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