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Some folks are under the impression that a woman cannot get pregnant as long as she is breastfeeding. This is an Old Wives’ Tale. You sure can get pregnant while breastfeeding. Look to other means of birth control should you not wish to get pregnant.

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Even though our babies arrive at the same time, or very close to the same time, they are individuals within the group. A parenting challenge is to support and respect the special bond our multiple-birth children have with each other, while encouraging each to explore their own identities and to be the best they can be. Parents can, and need, to encourage others to also treat the children as more than just a group. Here are some ideas you may not have thought of to encourage individuality:

~do not call them “the twins” or “the triplets.” Do not let others use these labels either. Encourage the use of their names, “the babies,” the children, and so on. Labels present them as a group and encourage the world to also see them as a group (these labels don’t even point out what gender they are) rather than understand that they are unique individuals as well as being part of a group;

~rhyming names (Tim and Tom or Cody and Jody) also add to the package point of view. Over time rhyming names become annoying for teachers, doctors, and peers, especially if the children look a lot alike. In the Tim and Tom scenario, both boys became “TimTom” to school chums, as children will not take the time to see the differences between them rather than just focus on the similarities. Help your children out by avoiding such a pitfall.

~same with constantly dressing them alike. Would you like to have your sister or brother constantly dressed like you? Probably not. Break the mould of the package and allow each to also be the individual s/he is. Dressed alike children can also be a safety hazard as you are screaming the name of one toddler running to cross the road, but with no distinguishing visual markers, you are screaming the wrong name.

~twins, triplets and more will probably not reach the same milestones at the same time, e.g. rolling over, sitting up, walking, moving up to the next car seat size, thereby reenforcing themselves that they are individuals within the group.

How have you handled things with your multiples which encourage each to explore their own capabilities and individuality?

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Nailed It!!!

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Every month has an average of 30 days except the last month of pregnancy which has about 1,330 days.

~as seen on #birthwithoutfear    LOL

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Vaginal Births vs C-Section: Which is “Natural?”

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It can happen that a pregnant woman goes the prerequisite 40 weeks for her pregnancy and both babies are head down for vaginal births.  Or at least the lower baby is head down, ready for its vaginal birth. The second baby may be able to be turned to present head down; is born breech or in a very few cases; or may require a c-section for delivery even though his/her womb-mate was delivered vaginally.

It may also be that a pregnant woman goes the prerequisite 40 weeks of pregnancy and one or both babies are transverse or side ways across the abdomen; or both babies present bums down; or the babies are “hugging” or “intertwined” in such a way to prevent vaginal births and necessitate a c-section.

Each of the above-described presentations for delivery are natural, for different reasons. With head down presentations for vaginal births, I prefer to call Vaginal Births* and is a natural situation.  When the babies are transverse or across the abdomen and surgery is best for all concerned, this is called a C-Section and is also a natural situation because there is no other safe ways to delivery the babies.   

Whether your babies are born vaginally or by c-section, BOTH are Natural Births.

Lynda’s Notes:  Triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets are nearly always delivered by c-section for the safety of mother and all babies although I do know of several triplet sets who were delivered vaginally.

*Births with an ‘s’ because more than one baby is born

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In-law Conflict???

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It can be difficult when in-laws continually (inadvertently?) step in with unwanted and/or negative advice and comments.  Anxiety levels can quickly go up and resentment set in. There are ways to handle things in a bridge-building manner and not having to blow your top and perhaps say things you, and they, can never take back.  In-laws are around for a long time so learning about boundaries and keeping the peace ensures that the relationship can be worked out.

One Mom reported that her mother-in-law (MIL), who moved in for 3 weeks after the babies were born, would bottle feed formula in the night even though MIL knew that Mom was trying to build her supply and needed to either feed and/or pump for her babies in order to do so.  This is sabotage, upsetting and negatively affects the plan the parents had for breastfeeding their babies.  Rather than let things fester and affect breastmilk supply, it was necessary to deal with this situation. (MIL’s explanation was:  “Well you need your sleep too and I didn’t want to wake you.”)

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Firstly, work out and agree upon with your partner a system that works for you and your family.  This way, when having the talk, both partners on the same page with no second guessing.

Check out my App Jumelle Twin, Triplet and Baby Tracking App at http://www.jumelle.ca and/or on the App Store.  With using this App, parents can easily fill out the notes, details and comments as well as keep track of breast/bottle feedings, diapers contents and sleep habits.  Having it there in black and white leaves no room for error or forgetfulness.

Secondly, I firmly believe that each parent needs to speak to their own side of the family so that tensions may not run as high or if things do get out of hand, the same side of the family may be more forgiving for the future.   So, each parent will do the majority of the talking to their own side of the family during the discussion.

Have the discussion on a day when things are going well.  Having a deep discussion on a day when things are not going well, will only add fuel to the fire.

Use a lot of “Is” in your sentences:  “I know you are trying to help, but I would really appreciate if you could come on board with working within the schedule we have found works best for our family,” or any variation of this wording/content that works for your needs.  Presented with being part of the solution and not being part of the problem is very defusing and will hopefully bring the “offender” to a better understanding of your side of the situation.

If the negativity, sabotage or judgments continue, stick to your guns and repeat the above statement.  Consistency and a united front, even if the other parent is minimally verbally involved, should eventually get the message through.




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New infants often fall asleep at the breast before their tummies are full. They need to be woken and encouraged to drink further or you will be back at nursing within a half hour or so.

The lactating breast is never “empty.” It is just “less full.” If you pump after nursing, getting 1/4 to 1/2 ounce is good and it all adds up over time.

It is not unusual to have a good sucker and a fussier sucker. Put the good sucker on first when simultaneously feeding and then spend more time adjusting the fussier baby.

Breastfeeding automatically makes Mom thirsty. Make sure you have a cold drink beside you prior to beginning. Hot drinks can be easily knocked over. Don’t take the risk.

Babies suck about 10-12 minutes and then they are full. Nursing for 15 minutes or longer, well, they aren’t really sucking that whole time but more likely enjoying the position, warmth and Mom’s loving arms.

Nursing babies are full when they begin to relax at the breast. A clenched hand may open and gently rest on the breast, face relaxes, mouth opens and baby falls off.

Healthy, nursing babies generally have one dirty diaper plus 5 or 6 very wet ones in 24 hours. That is how you know they are getting enough nourishment.

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Jumelle Twin, Triplet and More Baby Tracking App is Updated!!

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Updated and Refreshed.    Easily keep track of which baby did what, when and for how long. Take a picture of each baby, upload it, fill in each babies’ birth date, add details you wish and keep track of what is happening. Especially important should one of the babies is on medication(s) and there are several caretakers (other parent, grandparents, day care, baby sitter). Hints and Tips re breastfeeding and getting through the first six weeks. Available from the App Store and from my Web Site at www.jumelle.ca

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Dad/Partner’s Important Role

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The most important thing a Father can do for his children is to love their Mother.            

~Theodore M. Hoseburgh

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The Truth and Nothing But The Truth…..

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Posted on Instagram yesterday by “thebump.”  Just loved it, although adapted it to fit our particular situation:

“Growing humans makes me feel like a superhero.  A very tired, weak superhero that wants to eat all the time and isn’t allowed to lift heavy objects.”    Unknown

thebump’s notation is equally on the mark:  “Pregnancy is both empowering and exhausting.”

Never lose your sense of humour!!!

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When breastfeeding your babies be sure and change the babies back and forth from breast to breast (each feed). Nursing babies look up at Mom as they feed and switching them back and forth gives each infant’s top eye a chance to work, exercise and practice focusing. Assign a child to only one breast for each feed and the lower eye does not get the chance to mature and develop. Switching is also better for working on head and neck control.

Also, due to demand and supply on each breast and the chances that your babies do not have similar strength abilities for sucking, each breast will respond to the demand each baby is applying and you could end up looking lopsided.

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