Supervised Tummy Time

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Supervised tummy time is important for even young babies.  Being placed on their tummies with a supervising adult nearby, offers several advantages:

  1.  changes their view of the world;
  2. ensures they do not spend excessive time on their backs which can cause plagiocephaly*, i.e. a flat spot on the skull due to prolonged pressure on one spot;
  3. allows them a chance to push up on their arms, strengthening muscles in the arms, back and chest.  Of course they are not too successful at first, but over time they learn to coordinate their arms as the muscles strengthen and then soon flip over onto their backs.  This is one good reason tummy time needs to be supervised:  you don’t want them suddenly flipping off the sofa or bed when you have stepped away;
  4. tummy time takes a lot of energy and can be somewhat challenging.  It makes them tired, as we get tired exercising, and helps them sleep more deeply and for longer periods of time;
  5. tummy time encourages babies to naturally explore their environment by reaching for toys, getting up on their knees and then beginning to crawl.

*for more detailed information on plagiocephaly, check out this page on my Web Site

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