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Many Moms ask if they need to pump and dump when either one baby, more or Mom herself is ill.  Breast milk is an amazing substance.  It changes to meet the needs of all babies, as it creates the antibodies needed by the babies.  THERE IS NO NEED TO PUMP AND DUMP.   As they share the same breasts, you have all be exposed to the same germs.  Just keep feeding your babies as you usually do.  Your milk will make its magic and your babies and supply will benefit from the continued feeding.  If you feel better about it though, it wouldn’t hurt to wipe your breast between feeds with a soft washcloth and warm water.  No soap or wipes as any residue may find itself in baby’s mouth.


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Can I mix bottles of breastmilk?

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Breastmilk can be mixed together from two different pumpings, as long as the milk is the same temperature.  So, if you have some bottled milk stored in the fridge and wish to add a new batch, wait until the new batch has been cooled in the fridge then mix the two batches together.  The new, warmer milk should not be mixed with the colder stored milk.

You will notice that breastmilk will separate into two layers.  The fatter part of the breastmilk has risen to the top the same as when we have whole cow’s milk and the cream rises to the top.  A quick shake before using mixes it all together again.


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