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Linda Leonard has created an amazing, comprehensive resource regarding multiple births in British Columbia, Canada¬†ūüá®ūüá¶ÔłŹ and beyond. This in depth brochure will be of interest to parents expecting twins or more, grandparents, healthcare professionals, researchers, grieving parents, and any one else with an interest in multiple births. Lots of information and resources re breastfeeding of multiples. I am so excited about this valuable brochure. Check it out here:¬†

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Twin and Triplets Humour….

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Overheard at a Multiple Births Canada’s AGM:

When we brought home the twins, we threw out the plants.

One of my favorites:

“Twins” is just a word until they arrive.

Makes sense:

“TWINS:” ¬†They arrive together (T), yet are separate people (S). ¬†If we can remember this simple fact, everyone can “WIN” ¬†= “TWINS”


Have you got some multiple-birth humour you would like to share?  Drop us a note and we will share it.

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Having Twins or Triplets….

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Even though there are no guarantees, there are several elements that need to be in place to become pregnant with twins or triplets. Here are some of the possible elements, in no particular order:
1) If you already have other children;
2) If you are over 30 years old;
3) Chances are even greater if you are over 35 years old;
4) The closer they are to you on your family tree;
5) If you used infertility assistance; and
6) They will start on your family tree somewhere and perhaps you will be the one who will get things started.
I could add here that if you have one spontaneous set of multiples, i.e. no infertility assistance, it is said that you can up your chances by 50% of having multiples again in a subsequent pregnancy. There is one family who had nine children, including four sets of twins.
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Who might have multiples?

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While nothing is certain, there are several situations where a woman might conceive multiples spontaneously.

~if Mom is over 30, and the chances are even higher if Mom is over 35 years old.

~if Mom has already had other children.

~if Mom has already had multiples.

~the closer they are to you in your family tree, the better the chance that you might conceive multiples.

~if Mom already has a set of multiples, the chances of having them again is upped by about another 50%.

~dizygotic (fraternal) twins run through the woman’s side of the family. ¬†There is always enough sperm and what happens is that Mom has released at least two eggs in her cycle for fertilization. ¬†We do not yet know why monozygotic (identicals) occur. ¬†Even though Mom has released two eggs for dizygotics, one, or both of those embryos could split to become monozygotic within the dizygotic set for triplets or more. ¬†Confused? ¬†No wonder!

And, of course, if one is using infertility assistance, there is a chance of having at least twins.

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What does “having twins” mean anyway?

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You are having twins! or triplets! ¬†Obviously society has an idea of what that situation might “look” like, but the reality is so far from what the use of the words. ¬†I can’t tell you how many women told me, “I always wanted twins” or “Can you tell me how I could have twins?”

I think having twins is an amazing event and they involve a lot of adjustment, work, sleeplessness, staying flexible, keeping your options open, always having a Plan B and even a Plan C in place because you never know how things will work out for that day and those are some of the obvious changes that a family with multiples needs to consider making.   In addition, with multiple kids, there are multiple smiles, multiple hugs and multiple kisses.  Special beyond belief!

But “Twins, Triplets or Quadruplets” are just words you use until they arrive! ¬†ūüėÄ

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Twins = Two

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Whenever I hear someone describing a set of twins and they refer to them as “two twins,” I have to smile. ¬†Twins IS two, so why say, “the two twins?” ¬† Sort of like describing a red barn and calling it “the red red barn.” ¬†Exacting how red can the barn be? ¬†This is a very common mistake and the only place “two twins” would work is if one is describing two twins, one of two different sets. ¬†Such a discussion wouldn’t come up very often in every day life. ¬†It makes me wonder too, although I have yet to hear it, if triplets are referred to as “the three triplets?” ¬†Probably not. ¬†So folks, here we have it: ¬†Twins = Two, so the “two” in front of twins is usually redundant. ¬† ¬†Best best wishes! ¬† LOL

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