I am expecting Twins/Triplets/More. Now what?

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AS SOON AS YOU KNOW you are expecting twins, triplets or more, there are some important steps to be taken.  Here goes:

-Find out if the babies are monozyotic (identical) because you need to know as soon as is possible if any of the babies have Twin–to-Twin-Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).  EVEN WITHIN TRIPLETS, QUADRUPLETS OR MORE.  If yes, you will be under the umbrella of “High Risk” and both you and the babies will be followed very closely until birth.  Find out all you can about TTTS so that you are informed and know what questions to ask of your healthcare professionals.  My Site at http://www.jumelle.ca has an in depth article on TTTS.

-Join your local Twin and Triplet support chapter.  They will have a ton of information to share and it is nice to be with others making the same journey.  In Canada, Multiple Births Canada (MBC) has a full list of all multiple-birth support Chapters across the country.  They can be found at http://www.multiplebirthscanada.org

-Sign-up for a multiple-birth prenatal class in your community if they have one and both partners should attend.  You will get information pertinent for having twins or more.  SINGLETON PRENATAL CLASSES ARE LIMITED IN PERTINENT INFORMATION AND HAVING ONE AT A TIME IS NOT THE SAME AS HAVING TWO OR MORE AT A TIME.

-If you are considering breastfeeding your babies, sign up with a knowledgeable Lactation Consultant.  You will not be disappointed.

-Learn as much as you can ahead of time before your babies arrive so you are better prepared and receive support and resources focused on your pregnancy.

-If you are stuck at any time, ASK FOR HELP/SUPPORT.  You are not alone.  So many reliable people are here to help

-Very best wishes and enjoy your babies!!!

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Canadian Resource: Multiples’ Podcast

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Very exciting.  By a family with triplets.



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Jumelle – The Best Baby Tracking App

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Jumelle Twin (Multiples) and Baby Tracker
Easily keep track of which twin or triplet baby ate when, how much, how long.  Also tracks
sleeping and dirty/wet diapers habits.  Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker has multiple features:  
Keep notes on teething, fevers, milestones reached for one baby to 10 babies.   Night light allows for easy 
night time recording and export feature ensures information is shared with multiples’ grandparents, 
child care centres, out of town parent, physicians.  Loaded with hints, tips, suggestions, solutions!  Don’t struggle in a sleep-deprived 
fog to remember which twin, triplet or quadruplet did what.  The Jumelle Best Baby Tracker App does it all for you.  Available in the iTunes Store.
Lynda P. Haddon
Multiple Birth Educator
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