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AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU ARE EXPECTING TWINS OR MORE, see if your community offers any multiple-birth prenatal classes and both you and your partner SIGN UP RIGHT AWAY. Your healthcare provide should be able to refer you to any. DO NOT wait until later in your pregnancy as you never know if/when you will be placed on bedrest, making taking a class impossible. A multiple-birth pregnancy is NOT like a expecting a singleton and singleton classes are traditionally taken much later in that pregnancy. A multiple-birth prenatal class needs to be taken as early as possible so that you learn things about your pregnancy and how to act accordingly, e.g. nutrition and how much you need to be eating; signs and symptoms of premature labour, and so much more. This is not meant to scare you, but to empower you! Knowledge can be translated into power and knowing as much as possible about carrying twins, triplets or more WELL BEFORE they arrive just makes sense. If you do not know if there are any classes in your community and live in Canada ūüá®ūüá¶ÔłŹ, check in with Multiple Births Canada ūüá®ūüá¶ÔłŹ at http://www.multiplesbirthscanada.org They have a list of many of the Support Chapters across Canada. ūüá®ūüᶬ† ¬†Also check out my own Site at http://www.jumelle.ca¬† ¬†There is in depth FREE information on it as well.
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I am expecting Twins/Triplets/More. Now what?

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AS SOON AS YOU KNOW you are expecting twins, triplets or more, there are some important steps to be taken.  Here goes:

-Find out if the babies are monozyotic (identical) because you need to know as soon as is possible if any of the babies have Twin–to-Twin-Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).¬† EVEN WITHIN TRIPLETS, QUADRUPLETS OR MORE.¬† If yes, you will be under the umbrella of “High Risk” and both you and the babies will be followed very closely until birth.¬† Find out all you can about TTTS so that you are informed and know what questions to ask of your healthcare professionals.¬† My Site at http://www.jumelle.ca has an in depth article on TTTS.

-Join your local Twin and Triplet support chapter.  They will have a ton of information to share and it is nice to be with others making the same journey.  In Canada, Multiple Births Canada (MBC) has a full list of all multiple-birth support Chapters across the country.  They can be found at http://www.multiplebirthscanada.org

-Sign-up for a multiple-birth prenatal class in your community if they have one and both partners should attend.  You will get information pertinent for having twins or more.  SINGLETON PRENATAL CLASSES ARE LIMITED IN PERTINENT INFORMATION AND HAVING ONE AT A TIME IS NOT THE SAME AS HAVING TWO OR MORE AT A TIME.

-If you are considering breastfeeding your babies, sign up with a knowledgeable Lactation Consultant.  You will not be disappointed.

-Learn as much as you can ahead of time before your babies arrive so you are better prepared and receive support and resources focused on your pregnancy.

-If you are stuck at any time, ASK FOR HELP/SUPPORT.  You are not alone.  So many reliable people are here to help

-Very best wishes and enjoy your babies!!!

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Multiple birth prenatal classes

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The Minute you know you are having multiples, sign up for a multiple-birth focused class.  You need to know everything you can before hand as this type of pregnancy is very different from having a singleton.  The time goes quickly, multiples are often early and you and your partner need the class under your belt as soon as you know you are having multiples.



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Multiple Birth Prenatal Classes

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As soon as you are pregnant and especially between the ages of 30 and up, or had infertility assistance and learn you are pregnant, find out (usually from ultrasound) how many you are carrying. ¬†If you are carrying two, three or more fetuses, take your multiple birth prenatal classes right away. ¬†Don’t wait until you are well into your pregnancy. ¬†So much of what you learn in class will be helpful right away, e.g. signs & symptoms of premature labour, nutrition for carrying multiples, and such. ¬†Waiting too long may preclude you from attending classes due to being placed on bed rest or having your babies preterm, i.e. before 38 weeks. ¬†Soon as you know you are carrying multiples, sign up for the classes right away!! ¬†And very best wishes to all of you.

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Multiple Birth Prenatal Class Choices

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Pertinent article by guest author and multiple-birth educator, Vera C. Teschow:  Vera is a certified teacher and mother of 9-year-old monozygotic twin boys.  She teaches multiples-specific prenatal classes at www.BabiesinBelly.com

Expecting Twins. Triplets or More?  Now What?

Most people expecting more than one baby recognize the need for some sort of prenatal preparation.  But in this age of digital media, many wonder which route to go, when it comes to prenatal classes.  Below, we explore In-Person, Online and Video/DVD-Based prenatal classes.

Whichever type of prenatal prep you choose, begin earlier rather than later, and ensure the instructor has at least some first-hand experience with multiple births.


Traditionally, prenatal classes have been taught in-person, often at a local hospital.  Such classes offer a chance to meet others expecting twins, triplets or more.  Depending on the nature of the class, you may also get the opportunity to do a hospital tour and ask questions of the instructor as the course progresses.

In some communities, it may be difficult to locate a twins-specific prenatal class.  Or, if you are expecting triplets, quads or quints, sitting in an in-person class can make you feel like the circus side show (not to mention it is harder to sit for longer periods of time anyway, with higher order multiples in your belly!)

Most in-person classes are taught in a series, for example a 3-hour class, once a week for four weeks, or a one-hour class, once a week for 8-10 weeks. Some instructors may offer a full day or weekend course to ‚Äúcram‚ÄĚ the material for those with busy schedules. A few may even offer in-home prenatal classes, customized to one couple.

A typical in-person class can run $50 or more, or $200-350 for a series of 4 classes.  Personalized, in-home classes will be even more expensive.


One alternative to the traditional in-person twins class is to take an online prenatal course, such as the one at www.BabiesinBelly.com

A multiples-specific online prenatal class can be a great way for those who live in rural areas to get connected with others expecting twins, triplets or more and find the information they need about their multiples pregnancy.  It can also be an attractive way for introverts to get the information they need without the headache of having to interact with others face to face!  A good online course should allow you to work through the material at your own pace.

An online course will also be beneficial for parents put on early bed rest.  Taking the class will be a informative and educational way to pass some of your time.

Typically, an online twins prenatal class costs less than an in-person class, somewhere in the neighbourhood of $150.  When you consider the additional savings of not having to pay for transportation or parking, an online class makes good economic sense.

In some cases, internet access can be a challenge.  Although completing your prenatal classes while sipping a latte at Starbucks can sound attractive to some couples, others may find that lack of consistent access to the Internet makes this type of prenatal course a less practical choice.


For those who do not live within driving distance of an in-person, multiples-specific prenatal class, or who do not have access to the Internet, a DVD about expecting multiples¬†www.jumelle.ca¬†can be a Godsend. ¬†And unlike an in-person class, where you get the information once and there is no ‚Äúrewind‚ÄĚ, a DVD-based prenatal class allows you to review the information you need as often as you like.

The DVD course will also be beneficial for parents put on early bed rest.  You can watch it in your home, at your leisure and convenience.

Some people wonder why a multiples-specific prenatal video is pricier than the Disney DVD they just bought their 6-year-old niece.  It is helpful to remember that the market for such material is comparatively small, and the cost to produce something professional relatively high. That being said, a multiples-specific DVD can still be considerably more cost-effective than a hospital based prenatal course.


With so many options available today, it may be beneficial to explore more that one option at a time:  Why not take an online course supplemented by an in-person class, or a hospital-based class supplemented by a Video/DVD?

By engaging in more than one form of prenatal education, you are exposed to a greater variety of information, and even if there is some overlap, your brain will be more likely to retain the key points.

As you prepare for life with multiples, I wish you the best of luck, supplemented by one or more high-quality, multiples-specific prenatal classes!

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Multiple-Birth Prenatal Classes cancelled at Ottawa Hospital

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Unfortunately the Ottawa Hospital is cancelling all their prenatal classes, including the multiple-birth prenatal classes for later this summer.

If you would like to take multiple-birth classes and live in the Ottawa area, please contact me and let me know.  I have two options available for you.

My classes are available on DVD and you can view a preview at http://www.multiplebirthsfamilies.com or if you live in the Ottawa area, you may be able to join one of my classes.

Let me know what works for you.

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Feedback for my multiple-birth prenatal DVD

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……I liked what I saw very much, and thought it would be very helpful for expectant families – great info, and a reassuring tone that is just as valuable for people who might be feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

S.C. triplet Mom, Sask.

For a video preview of my Multiple-Birth Prenatal DVD, check out my web site at http://www.multiplebirthsfamilies.com

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Parents expecting twins

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I am very excited to be meeting with a new group of parents this Saturday all expecting twins and to sharing with them the marvelous journey that is multiples. ¬†It is both exciting and anxiety provoking to learn there is more than one baby on the way but the truth is” ¬†twins is just a word until they arrive! ¬†LOL ¬† ¬†The reality of looking after two babies is quite different from the fantasy and being prepared as possible means soooo much. ¬†Be sure and either sign up for your local community multiple-birth prenatal classes OR go onto my Web Site at http://www.multiplebirthsfamilies.com and see a video preview of my multiple-birth prenatal classes and then make your purchase which you can watch in the comfort of your own home. ¬†Knowledge is power!

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Twin and Triplet Prenatal Classes on DVD

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Expecting twins, triplets or more and there are no multiple-birth specific prenatal classes in your area, or have you been put on bedrest and cannot attend the classes in your community?  Not to worry.  Multiple Birth Prenatal Classes are now available on DVD.  Watch in the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient to you.  Especially good if you are late in your pregnancy and left it too late to take classes.  For more information and to watch a video preview, go to http://www.multiplebirthsfamilies.com

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I have put my multiple birth prenatal classes on DVD and am awaiting the final edit. ¬†What a step outside my comfort zone! ¬†Not in terms of content but in terms of filming. ¬†There won’t be a star on the Walk of Fame anywhere in the near future, but the fact that important information and support will be easily available to parents expecting two or more has been a guiding light. ¬†It is the only way to get information out there and empower parents-to-be with information so that they can relax and enjoy those babies! ¬†Some of the topics include getting them on the same schedule, breastfeeding (yes you can breastfeed twins and triplets), preparation of singleton children (and pets), father/partner’s role, sleep deprivation, a list of all the equipment and amounts you might possibly need – and so much more. ¬†Will keep you advised when it is available.

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