Multiple birth prenatal classes

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The Minute you know you are having multiples, sign up for a multiple-birth focused class.  You need to know everything you can before hand as this type of pregnancy is very different from having a singleton.  The time goes quickly, multiples are often early and you and your partner need the class under your belt as soon as you know you are having multiples.



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Multiple Birth Prenatal Classes

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As soon as you are pregnant and especially between the ages of 30 and up, or had infertility assistance and learn you are pregnant, find out (usually from ultrasound) how many you are carrying.  If you are carrying two, three or more fetuses, take your multiple birth prenatal classes right away.  Don’t wait until you are well into your pregnancy.  So much of what you learn in class will be helpful right away, e.g. signs & symptoms of premature labour, nutrition for carrying multiples, and such.  Waiting too long may preclude you from attending classes due to being placed on bed rest or having your babies preterm, i.e. before 38 weeks.  Soon as you know you are carrying multiples, sign up for the classes right away!!  And very best wishes to all of you.

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Multiple-Birth Prenatal Classes cancelled at Ottawa Hospital

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Unfortunately the Ottawa Hospital is cancelling all their prenatal classes, including the multiple-birth prenatal classes for later this summer.

If you would like to take multiple-birth classes and live in the Ottawa area, please contact me and let me know.  I have two options available for you.

My classes are available on DVD and you can view a preview at or if you live in the Ottawa area, you may be able to join one of my classes.

Let me know what works for you.

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Parents expecting twins

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I am very excited to be meeting with a new group of parents this Saturday all expecting twins and to sharing with them the marvelous journey that is multiples.  It is both exciting and anxiety provoking to learn there is more than one baby on the way but the truth is”  twins is just a word until they arrive!  LOL    The reality of looking after two babies is quite different from the fantasy and being prepared as possible means soooo much.  Be sure and either sign up for your local community multiple-birth prenatal classes OR go onto my Web Site at and see a video preview of my multiple-birth prenatal classes and then make your purchase which you can watch in the comfort of your own home.  Knowledge is power!

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Expecting twins or triplets

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If you are expecting two or more, don’t forget to check out my multiple-birth prenatal class DVD.  Over 3 hours and 22 downloads offers hints, tips, information, resources, support, connection, and so much more!  Take a look at

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