Am I starving my babies?

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It is not uncommon for some Moms to think that they do not have enough milk to feed a singleton, let alone twins or triplets.  The self-doubt comes to a head usually on a few different occasions, i.e. soon after birth, about 6 weeks, 2-3 months and perhaps again at 6-7 months.  What is really happening is that the babies are hitting growth spurts and therefore any established routines will fall by the wayside and the babies will be looking to feed more often.  This scenario is translated by Mom as meaning “my babies are starving and I don’t have enough milk to satisfy them.”  Without proper support, Mom may start supplementing or, fearing they are just too hungry, switch to formula.  At least with the latter, she can see how much they are taking and that they are, indeed, getting enough to eat.  Her anxiety levels about whether or not the babies are starving drop dramatically.

Yes feedings will occur more often when babies are having growth spurts.  This is how the process is supposed to work.   Within a couple of days of meeting their increased demand, Mom’s body and breasts, in particular, will get the message to increase the supply in order to meet the increased demand.  It is all rather magical:  babies give Mom the message of needing more and then her body gets down to business in order to satisfy the babies.

Trusting your body and the new demand from your babies will ensure you don’t give up breastfeeding too soon, or before you really hoped to.  It will only take a few days for your body to catch up to the new demand, meet that demand and the babies will be once again feeding with longer intervals in between.  Like I said, it is all rather magical.

If you are in doubt about any aspects of your babies’ feeding habits, consult a lactation consultant or their doctor.  A consultation will address your concerns.

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