Dried Mangos Make Great Teething Objects

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Looking for something safe for your toothless-to-date babies to chew on?  Dried mango slices, available from most grocery and bulk sales stores, are ideal to suck on, gum and will keep them busy for a bit. They are quite large, don’t break down as easily as a biscuit might (which may result in some choking) and Taste Good!  Because babies have sensitive guts and we don’t know what was used in the growth of some produce, be sure and choose Organic mangos.

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Teething, something to get your teeth into…….

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Teething can be a challenge for babies while some babies can handle things quite well.  If babies aren’t doing well, it is very likely that the parents aren’t doing too well either.

There are several signs that babies are teething.  Note:  It may be that your multiples will not all begin teething at the same time, and that is OK.  Each child is different.


Jamming hands or fists into the mouth and chewing     

Pulling at ears/rubbing face    

Swollen/puffy gums    

Biting/chewing on things; everything goes into the mouth so make sure your home is baby-proofed   

Excessive drooling                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Excessive crying, trouble sleeping 

Diarrhea and/or very red buttocks  

There may or may not be a fever, even a slight one, associated with teething

If you are worried at any point that something is going on with the your baby, consult your physician as soon as possible.

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