Interview of Breastfeeding Twins

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Check out the January, 2015 issue of Today’s Parent magazine for information on breastfeeding two babies at once.  An abbreviated version of the article can be found at

Got any breastfeeding twins or triplets questions?  Contact me at   I will see if I can help.

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How long did you breastfeed your babies?

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How long did you exclusively breastfeed your babies?

I have:   twins  _____      triplets   ______

4 months

6 months

10 months

longer _______, how long   ______

anything in between?    _________

Did you supplement with formula at any time?    Yes       No

How old were your babies when you began supplementing?   ________________

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Twin and Baby Tracking App: Jumelle

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Jumelle:  The Best Twin and Baby Tracking App 

Updated:  Quickly and easily keep track of which baby, twin, triplet or quadruplet ate when, how much and for how long.  Also tracks sleeping and dirty/wet diapers habits.  Jumelle The Best Twin and Baby Tracking App has multiple features:

Keep notes on teething, fevers, milestones reached for one baby to 10 babies so it is also perfect for use in a day care setting.

Night light allows for easy night time recording and export feature ensures information is shared with children’s parents and grandparents, out of town parent, physicians.  Loaded with hints, tips, suggestions, solutions!  Don’t struggle to remember, or make a mistake, with which infant, twin, triplet or quadruplet did what.  The Jumelle The Best Twin and Baby Tracking App does it all for you.

Lynda P. Haddon

Multiple Birth Educator




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Constantly Dressing Multiples Alike….YUK!!!

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We all like to think that we are unique, that there is no one else quite like us and the truth is, even if we arrive in this world as monozygotic (identical) infants, we will have many differences.  When we constantly dress our kiddies alike, if we label them with rhyming or similar names, or refer to them as “the twins” or “the “triplets,” we reenforce the fact that they will be perceived by the public as “identical.”  The parents call the shots in this regard.  We are ALL individuals no matter how we arrive and our individuality needs to be reenforced.  The odd time of dressing the kiddies alike for what ever reason won’t leave any lastening impressions but to do so constantly can have devastating effects in encouraging each child to feel unique and special.

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