Jumelle Twin, Triplets, Quadruplet Baby Tracker

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For parents with twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets or two babies close together, many recognize the necessity need of a record of who did what and when and for how long.  Parents need to keep track of number of dirty diapers, feeding habits and duration, naps and bedtimes.  Such a tracking schedule can be very helpful to other caretakers (grandparents, family members, friends, nannies) who come into the house to assist with baby care.  The formal record quickly identifies which baby may be facing a challenge, e.g. constipation, and allows the caregivers to step in a timely fashion to help rectify the situation.  Careful tracking of each babies’ habits ensures that sleep-deprived parents are quickly on top of any issues with marginal room for error.

Tracking minimizes the chances of guesswork: I know someone missed a bowel movement today but which one?
The more children in the multiple-birth set, the more important accurate tracking becomes.   An additional important
issue to keep track of is if one, more or all infants are receiving medications or even vitamins.  Did I or didn’t I? and
which one?  It could be dire if a baby received two doses of medication in error.  Remove the guesswork, anxiety, possible overlap
and potential mistakes by keeping a recording schedule.
There are a couple of ways to keep track of which baby did what and it may include:
~creating a grid with each child’s name at the top, date and a list of items down the side which you would like to record
(dirty diapers, wet diapers, breastfeeding [left/right breast], duration of breastfeeding, time of nap [morning and afternoon],
duration of nap, bedtime [duration of sleep time], medications/vitamins given).
Check out the new multiple-birth Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracking App available on iTunes.  Good for iPhone and iPad,
(working on android).  This app quickly and easily tracks each baby, twin, triplet, quadruplet or quintuplet, in fact up
to 10 babies’ information can be uploaded.  JUMELLE is loaded with hints, tips and suggestions for getting through the latter part of the pregnancy,
delivery and first six weeks after the birth of your multiples.  Take a photo of each baby and upload it to the app.  Keep a record of each
baby’s teething issues, feeding habits, fevers, milestones.  There is a marvellous export feature to ensure information is shared with
multiples’ grandparents, child care centres, out of town parent, babies’ physician.  It has a nightlight feature so you can easily record what is
happening with the babies at nighttime.  Don’t struggle in a sleep-deprived fog to remember which baby, twin, triplet or quadruplet
did what.  The Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker app keeps it all under control for you.
Lynda P. Haddon
Multiple Birth Educator


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Treating multiples as individuals

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A good rule of thumb when dealing with twins, triplets or more and you are having challenges with behaviour, bedtimes, mealtimes, curfews, allowances and so much more, is to ignore the fact that they are multiples and ask yourself:  “how would I handle things if they were singleton children?”  Very often treating each child as an individual with individual interests, focuses, ideas, behaviour, growth and more, offers the solution.  Example:  a mother with triplets, two girls and a boy, shared that her son required less sleep (they were 15 months old) than her daughters and as they were all in the same room, he woke earlier and then bugged his sisters until they woke up.  In essence she was left with 3 cranky children for different reasons (one had no playmate and the other two needed more sleep time).  I advised that she had a natural split between the 3 and that at a certain point they would need to separate the children for privacy reasons, why not do it sooner rather than later?  She responded, “But they are triplets…..”   The parents were so stuck on the fact that they were triplets and ‘needed’ to be together, that they were unable to see that the children needed, quite early in their lives already, a different response for their individual needs.  If they had all been singletons, I suspect the answer of giving them separate rooms would have been more obvious.  Multiples do not need to be together just because they are multiples.  They need to separated for little periods of time to get used to being separate and enjoying the freedom of discovering their own interests and abilities; and they need to be together when there are family events, special occasions, mealtimes and so on, just like any of our children with benefit from.  Cheers!

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I am so excited to let you know about the launch of my New Multiple-Birth App

Please share this message with others you feel will benefit from being able to keep on top of

which baby did what.     I am so excited and I know you will be too!

Jumelle multiple birth App available for IPhone and IPad

The ONLY multiple birth App on the App Store

Distinct Exporting Feature for grandparents, doctors and others

Keep Track of which baby is doing what.  Easy, sensible, detailed as you wish.

Choc-a-bloc with my best tips over the years

Holds information for up to 10 children

Great for Day Care Centres


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Keeping Medicine Doses on Tract with Multiples

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Tip for Keeping Medicine Doses on Track………

If your toddlers or young children need to take medicine, which is usually in liquid form,  it can be difficult to keep track (did I or didn’t I?, and to whom?), here is an easy  trick to help keep things straight.  Purchase different colours of the plastic weekly pill containers available at all drugstores.  Put a Smartee in each day and when you have given the medicine, give the child a Smartee to ‘ease the pain.’  With a different colour container assigned to each child, it is easier to know who is up to date and who is missed.  If the medicine is yucky tasting, the Smartee takes away the taste.  As Mary Poppins said, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in a most delightful way” and parents have the assurance that no one was missed or worse, twice dosed!
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Multiple Births Canada is now a Registered Charity!!!

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It has been a long time coming but at last Multiple Births Canada (MBC) has been able to obtain Charitable Status.  At last we can work on ‘new and improved’ support resources, Web Site, and all that goes along with helping and support our special families.  Please think about donating for birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, milestones, or just because and you will be making a huge contributions towards supporting all multiple birth families.  Here’s the link:  multiplebirthscanada.org/index.php/get-involved/donate/   Congratulations to MBC and their Board of Directors who have worked for well over a decade to make this happen.  Very best wishes, Lynda

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Questions NOT to ask parents of multiples!

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There are some questions that parents of multiples Hate to be asked:  Here are some:

Did you have them ‘naturally?’

How many times did you have to do ‘it’ to get triplets?

Are they identical?

Do you like/love one better than the other(s)?

One Mom who was bottle feeding her projectile vomiting son so she could better make sure he kept down enough milk, was asked “How did you decide that you loved your twin daughter more than your twin son {cause everyone knows breast milk is healthier}?

Why don’t their names rhyme?

Why aren’t they dressed alike?

Which one is better behaved?

Better you than me!!

Which one is the good (bad) twin?

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Questions NOT to ask multiples!!

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There are some questions that multiples just Hate to be asked.  Here are a few:

Whose smarter?

Double Trouble!

Why aren’t you more like your twin (triplet)?

Do you complete each other’s sentences?

Can you read each other’s minds?

Do you have the same friends?

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Are they spontaneous or did you have help?

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It isn’t unusual for folks, even strangers, to want to know if your babies were ‘natural’ or did you have help conceiving them, even when it is none of their business.  Firstly, I prefer ‘spontaneous’ over ‘natural.’   ‘Natural’ makes it feel that if infertility assistance was used, those babies are ‘unnatural.’  Some multiples are spontaneously conceived and some are conceived with some type of infertility assistance and how they were conceived is no one’s business other than the parents, who may or may not wish to share that background information.  Indicating that you would rather not discuss the topic to the stranger in the mall who asked, is your right.  Doesn’t have to be rude, angry or aggressive, just a “that is a subject we prefer not to discuss,” is perfectly acceptable.

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See each multiple after their birth

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Hi, a reminder to be sure and see EACH baby after he or she is born.  Make sure that you let your doctor and delivery nurses know that you want to see each baby.  If you are too heavy into labour this is a good thing for the partner to remind the delivering doctor and hospital staff.  Seeing, holding, smelling, touching each baby helps with bonding and breastfeeding.  Don’t miss out on the enjoyment and excitement of seeing and holding each baby right after birth, unless he or she needs to be whisked away for medical attention.


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See ALL babies right after birth

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It is really important that EACH or ALL babies be brought to the parents after birth so that both parents and the babies themselves can be touched, loved on, smelled and cooed over.  You don’t want a time lapse between having both or all babies with you, right from the beginning.  One Mom did not see Twin B until one hour after birth but she had Twin A from birth.  There were bonding difficulties and a preference as a result.  The decision not to bring Twin B to the parents was made by a well-meaning nurse, who apparently thought, ‘they look so comfortable with their baby, I will just take this one to the nursery.’  Babies are not interchangeable and it is recommended that both or all babies be seen and held after birth.  This skin to skin connection also helps with breastfeeding and milk stimulation.

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