Twins = Two

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Whenever I hear someone describing a set of twins and they refer to them as “two twins,” I have to smile.  Twins IS two, so why say, “the two twins?”   Sort of like describing a red barn and calling it “the red red barn.”  Exacting how red can the barn be?  This is a very common mistake and the only place “two twins” would work is if one is describing two twins, one of two different sets.  Such a discussion wouldn’t come up very often in every day life.  It makes me wonder too, although I have yet to hear it, if triplets are referred to as “the three triplets?”  Probably not.  So folks, here we have it:  Twins = Two, so the “two” in front of twins is usually redundant.    Best best wishes!   LOL

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Twins = Two automatically

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It is interesting how many people call twins “two twins.”  Twins = equals two from the same set, usually.  And yet society will often describe a set of twins as “two twins.”   I just read a post about “two twins in the tub.”  Of course there are two babies in the tub because there are two babies in the set and “twins” means TWO.  So in effect the article is translated as “two two in the tub.”  We just don’t know what gender they are.   I understand why one might want to say “two twins,” but it is incorrect.  “Twins” means two and is sufficient in itself.

There is an exception, however rarely are we describing “two twins” each being one from two DIFFERENT sets.  In this case, “two twins” would be the correct description.  This situation is most likely to occur in large gatherings, perhaps in school, multiple-birth event celebrations and such.  In this case, I would tend towards using  “both of them are twins,” which can also be confusing in itself without further clarification.

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