Multiples and Vaginal Delivery

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Using the term “natural birth” for a vaginal delivery implies that having a c-section is “un-natural.”  I prefer using “vaginal birth” instead of “natural birth/delivery.”  If you are expecting multiples and need a c-section, then IMO, both types of delivery are natural.

A vaginal delivery is usually decided at the time of birth by Mom’s health and the position of the lower baby, i.e. if that baby is head down.  If the second baby is also head down, wonderful and the chances of vaginal delivery are pretty well assured.  If the second baby is breech and depending upon the type of breech (i.e. feet down, across the abdomen, etc), the doctor may have the experience to turn or rotate baby to head down for safest delivery.  If the second baby is showing signs of distress (e.g. increased or decreased heart rate), it may be decided to have a c-section for delivery of the second baby.  This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen from time to time.

The more fetuses Mom is carrying, the more likely they will be delivered by c-section.  In 30+ years of working in the field, I have only personally known of one vaginal delivery of triplets.


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Vaginal Births vs C-Section: Which is “Natural?”

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It can happen that a pregnant woman goes the prerequisite 40 weeks for her pregnancy and both babies are head down for vaginal births.  Or at least the lower baby is head down, ready for its vaginal birth. The second baby may be able to be turned to present head down; is born breech or in a very few cases; or may require a c-section for delivery even though his/her womb-mate was delivered vaginally.

It may also be that a pregnant woman goes the prerequisite 40 weeks of pregnancy and one or both babies are transverse or side ways across the abdomen; or both babies present bums down; or the babies are “hugging” or “intertwined” in such a way to prevent vaginal births and necessitate a c-section.

Each of the above-described presentations for delivery are natural, for different reasons. With head down presentations for vaginal births, I prefer to call Vaginal Births* and is a natural situation.  When the babies are transverse or across the abdomen and surgery is best for all concerned, this is called a C-Section and is also a natural situation because there is no other safe ways to delivery the babies.   

Whether your babies are born vaginally or by c-section, BOTH are Natural Births.

Lynda’s Notes:  Triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets are nearly always delivered by c-section for the safety of mother and all babies although I do know of several triplet sets who were delivered vaginally.

*Births with an ‘s’ because more than one baby is born

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