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I gotta complain……

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Just don’t make me take a number behind everyone else who wants to complain!

I was just given a terrific piece of information regarding H1N1 and breastfeeding from someone who should know, Dr. Jack Newman.  Canada’s breastfeeding Guru.  He says nursing Moms with H1N1 flu do NOT have to pump and dump until they are better so they won’t infect their babies.  Truth is, when Mom finds out she has the flu, it’s too late in the sense of protecting her baby, or in our case babies, and her breast milk is the best thing to protect her nursing infants against disease.

Well, the info was sent to me “in error” by a third party and I should ignore it, was the next message.  The content of the message is important, the sendee just sent it to the wrong person.  Seeing as we are all working in the same field, i.e. supporting pregnant and nursing parents, why wouldn’t she just let things go and be pleased to share the information beyond whom her intended recipient was?

How can we not support each other when we have information, resources, hints, tips or other tidbits which would benefit someone else?  Does it not make complete sense when we share probably we can save someone else sometime as simple as time or as important as life?  It is such a shame that so many people have tunnel vision when it comes to reaching out. It shocks me, actually.  It is so easy, and a choice, to live life as an opportunity to share, to teach, to reach out, to remind others they are not alone, to perhaps make life a little easier for someone else, and so much more – especially when there are kids involved.  We not only need to talk the talk that Kids are Important, but also to walk the walk.  I dare you!

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